Download lolMiner 1.88 - NVIDIA+AMD GPU Miner

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Version: 1.88
File: *lolminer.exe,
SHA256: e5d6d5fe4ebbae6ba141cf25faa3f05e915916b0980b90297a8b2e59b2312bb8
(Download for Linux)

lolMiner The new lolMiner stable version is ready.

You can download lolMiner 1.88 from here:

Download Now

Download (mirror)

Download (Linux)

Inside the archive you will find a file README.txt with installation instructions.

Make sure to replace the pool and wallet address by what you’re using in all files.


  • Fishhash: Significantly improved speed on AMD RX 470 - RX 590 series of gpus (by 30%), significantly improved speed on Nvidia CMP 170HX (by 8-9%)
  • Fishhash: Implemented new DAG build procedure for Nvidia Turing and up gpus, that will build a valid DAG even on higher memory OC. This significantly reduces the number of defect shares in this situation.
  • Pyrin: Improved Pyrin performance on Nvidia Turing and newer gpus by about 2%
  • Ton / Gram: Improved performance on Nvidia Turing and newer gpus by about 1-2%
  • Improved performance of Fishhash + Pyrin dual mining on Nvidia Turing and newer gpus by about +10% on the Pyrin side
  • Improved performance of Fishhash + Alephium dual mining on Nvidia Ampere and newer gpus by about -2% speed on Fishhash side, but +10% on Alephium side with auto tune, about +5% on Alephium side at same Fishhash speed with manual tuning
  • Added experimental support for Fishash + Gram / Ton dual mining for AMD Vega and VII GPUs. Might require manual setting of dual tuning ratio.
  • The Ton job interface can now connect to pools or bridges using Ton mode 5 with http, so not enforcing https.
  • Removed Blake3-Ironfish from visible algorithms. --algo IRONFISH will now redirect to FISHHASH.


  • Fixed a bug causing the display of defect shares when mining Ton / Gram with very high difficulty
  • Fixed missing of Ton / Gram mining on AMD Tonga, AMD Fiji and RX 460 (Baffin) series of GPU. Was accidentally removed in a previous release.

Known issues:

  • CMP cards might crash or display faulty device statistics when trying to set offset or memory lock clock settings via lolMiner. Please use your operating system functions to do so.
How To Dual Mine Ironfish and Gram Coin on Windows
Batch File:
lolMiner.exe --algo FISHHASH --pool --user --dualmode TONDUAL --dualpool stratum+tcp:// --ton-mode 6 --dualuser EQBX63RAdgShn34EAFMV73Cut7Z15lUZd1hnVva68SEl7sxi --fan 90 pause



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