lolMiner - command line arguments and options

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Command line argument is a parameter supplied to the program when it is invoked lolMiner


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Basic parameters in command line

There are three things lolMiner needs in any case to know to start mining, namely

  • the algorithm to mine
  • the pool or solo node address to connect to
  • the user / wallet name to mine for

Configure the algorithm to mine

There are two ways in lolMiner how to specify the algorithm you want to mine. You need to choose one of them to start mining.

The first option is –algo (-a) followed by one of the following algorithm names

Parameter Algorithm
autol BeamHash I
BEAM-I BeamHash I
C29AE Cuckoo 29
C29D CuckarooD 29
C29M CuckarooM 29
C30CTX Cuckaroo 30 Cortex
C31 Cuckatoo 31
C32 Cuckatoo 32
CR29-32 Cuckaroo 29-32
CR29-40 Cuckaroo 29-40
CR29-48 Cuckaroo 29-48
EQUI144_5 Equihash 144/5
EQUI192_7 Equihash 192/7
EQUI210_9 Equihash 210/9
ZEL ZelHash

Note that you always can call lolMiner --list-algos to get a list of all supported algorithms as well as the fee height. Also the list will inform you if the algorithms supports / requires the personalization option (–pers) that is required for some of the Equihash algorithms.

The 2nd way to configure lolMiner is via the parameter –coin (-c). This parameter does set more detailed settings for selected profiles and allows special functions, e.g. algorithm switchers or combination of an algorithm with the right personalization.

Available entries for –coin are:

Parameter Description
AION Selecting Equihash 210/9 and right settings to mine Aion
AUTO144_5 Mine Equihash 144/5 and allow the pool to select the personalization
AUTO192_7 Mine Equihash 192/7 and allow the pool to select the personalization
BEAM Mine Beam and switch algorithm on Beam Hash II / III fork height
BTCZ Mine Equihash 144/5 with personalization for BitcoinZ
BTG Mine Equihash 144/5 with personalization for Bitcoin Gold
ETC Select settings & stratum to mine Ethereum Classic
ETH Select settings & stratum to mine Ethereum
CTXC Select settings & stratum to mine Cortex Ai
EXCC Select settings & stratum to mine Exchange Coin
GRIN-C29M Select settings & stratum to mine Grin C29
GRIN-C32 Select settings & stratum to mine Grin C32
MWC-C29D Select settings & stratum to mine MWC C29
MWC-C31 Select settings & stratum to mine MWC C31
XSG Mine Equihash 144/5 with personalization for Snow Gem
YEC Mine Equihash 192/7 with personalization for YCash
ZCL Mine Equihash 192/7 with personalization for Zclassic
ZEL Mine Zelhash & stratum to mine FLUX (ZEL)
ZER Mine Equihash 192/7 with personalization for Zero

Note that you always can call lolMiner --list-coins to get a list of all supported coin configurations as well as the fee height.

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Give the pool address, port and user name / wallet to mine on.

The parameter to select the mining pool to connect to is given by –pool. Note that this option takes the address as well as the port in the format <pool address>:<pool port>.

The user name or wallet will be passed with the parameter –user. In case you pool requires a password to log in you can add the optional parameter –pass.

To configure fail-over pools the options –pool –user and –pass can be passed multiple times to the miner. They will be processed in order, so the first occurrence belongs to the primary connection, the second to the first fail-over and so on. When the miner looses connection to the primary pool too often (5 times in a short period of time), it will try to connect with the second set of credentials.

One line examples

Start to mine ETH on 2miners pool:

lolMiner --algo ETHASH --pool --user 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f.WorkerName

Start to mine ETC on 2miners pool:

lolMiner --algo ETCHASH --pool --user 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f.WorkerName

Start to mine Beam automatic Beam Hash II / III switcher on sunpool

lolMiner --coin BEAM --pool --user 32f2e8765c2e8f5ea41becc5f397024c94d80cc5fc50ee917af23b260ecb3a5f.workerName

Start to mine Grin-C32 on 2Miners pool

lolMiner -a C32 --pool --user 2aHR0cHM6Ly9ncmluLmJpdG1lc2guY29tL3d1Q3BLeW5kVllZanFQQm1ldHRCNWJjMjE2.workerName


lolMiner --coin GRIN-C32 --pool --user 2aHR0cHM6Ly9ncmluLmJpdG1lc2guY29tL3d1Q3BLeW5kVllZanFQQm1ldHRCNWJjMjE2.workerName

Start mining BeamHash I with personalization for DEFIs on sunpool:

lolMiner -a BEAM-I --pers GrimmPOW --pool --user 32f2e8765c2e8f5ea41becc5f397024c94d80cc5fc50ee917af23b260ecb3a5f.workerName

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Instead of arg, you need to substitute an argument.

List of Command Line Parameters

Overclock Options

Parameter Description
--cclk arg (=*) The core clock used for the GPUs. Cards are separated with a comma. “*” can be used to skip a card.


  • -h [ --help ] Help screen

  • --config arg (=./lolMiner.cfg) Config file

  • --json arg (=./user_config.json) Config file in Json format

  • --profile arg Profile to load from Json file

  • --nocolor [=arg(=on)] (=off) Disable colors in output

  • --basecolor [=arg(=on)] (=off) Use 16 colors scheme for non-rgb terminals

  • --list-coins List all supported coin profiles

  • --list-algos List all supported algorithms

  • --list-devices List all supported & detected GPUs in your system

  • -v [ --version ] Print lolMiner version number

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  • -c [ --coin ] arg The coin to mine
  • -a [ --algo ] arg The algorithm to mine. This is an alternative to --coin.
  • -p [ --pool ] arg Mining pool to mine on. Format::
  • -u [ --user ] arg Wallet or pool user account to mine on

  • --pass arg Pool user account password (Optional)

  • --tls arg Toggle TLS (“on” / “off”)

  • --devices arg The devices to mine on

Values: ALL / AMD / NVIDIA or a comma separated list of indexces.

  • --devicesbypcie [=arg(=on)] (=off) Interpret --devices as list of PCIE BUS:SLOT pair

  • --pers arg The personalization string.

Required when using --algo for Equihash algorithms

  • --keepfree arg (=5) Set the number of MBytes of GPU memory that should be left free by the miner.

  • --benchmark arg The algorithm to benchmark

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Managing Options

  • --singlethread [=arg(=-1)] (=-2) Enable single mining thread mode for all GPUs (-1) or for a specific GPU id.
  • --tstart arg (=0) Minimal temperature for a GPU to start in degree C. If set to 0 disables restart below a fixed temperature.
  • --tstop arg (=0) Temperature to pause or stop a GPU from mining in degree C. If set to 0 disables stop above a fixed temperature.
  • --tmode arg (=edge) Mode for temperature management.

Use “edge” (default), “junction” or “memory” to set the mode for temperature management.


  • --apiport arg (=0) The port the API will use

  • --longstats arg (=150) Long statistics interval

  • --shortstats arg (=30) Short statistics interval

  • --digits arg Number of digits in hash speed after delimiter

  • --timeprint [=arg(=on)] (=off) Enables time stamp on short statistics (“on” / “off”)

  • --compactaccept [=arg(=on)] (=off) Enables compact accept notification

  • --log [=arg(=on)] Enables printing a log file (“on” / “off”)

  • --logfile arg Path to a custom log file location

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Ethash Options

--ethstratum arg (=ETHPROXY) Ethash stratum mode. Available options:

  • ETHV1: EthereumStratum/1.0.0 (Nicehash)
  • ETHPROXY: Ethereum Proxy

--worker arg (=eth1.0) Separate worker name for Ethereum Proxy stratum mode.

--4g-alloc-size arg (=0) Sets the DAG size (in MByte) the miner is allowed to use on 4G cards. Can be a comma separated list of values for each card.

Suggested values:

  • Linux: 4080
  • Windows: 4024

--zombie-tune arg (=0) Sets the Zomie tune mode (0-3) for Polaris GPUs. Can be a comma separated list of values to set for each card individually.

--dagdelay [=arg(=0)] (=-1) Delay between creating the DAG buffers for the GPUs. Negative values enable parallel generation (default).

--enablezilcache [=arg(=1)] (=0) Allows 8G+ GPUs to store the DAG for mining Zilliqa. It will generated only once and offers a faster switching.

--benchepoch arg (=350) The DAG epoch the denchmark mode will use

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Ethash Expert Options

  • --workmulti arg (=180) Modifys the amount of Ethash work a GPU does per batch.

  • --rebuild-defect arg (=3) Triggers a DAG rebuild if a card produced defect shares. Default is 3, use 0 to deactivate the rebuild.

  • --enable-ecip1099 [=arg(=on)] (=off) Enable reduced DAG size for mining ETC from block 11.730.000 and higher.

  • --disableLinux56fix [=arg(=on)] (=off) Disables the startup workaround for Polaris GPUs on Linux kernel 5.6.

  • --win4galloc [=arg(=1)] (=0) Enables (1) / Disables (0) experimental 4G DAG allocation mode on Windows.

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